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Designed for use in educational environments, the Cisco TelePresence System Media P2 (Media P2) offers a versatile combination of multimedia tools in a single compact, mobile, and secure unit. Featuring a Cisco TelePresence System Edge 95 MXP* codec and the Cisco TelePresence PrecisionHD Camera coupled with a high-resolution projector, the Media P2 also incorporates integrated Cisco TelePresence Synch** technology, offering a unique package that can be synchronized with supported interactive whiteboards.

* Please reference Cisco TelePresence System Edge 95 MXP datasheet for codec specifications.
** Please reference Cisco TelePresence Synch Release Notes for Interactive Whiteboards for whiteboard compatibility.
Figure 1 shows the Cisco TelePresence System Media P2, which includes a lockable Lexan cover for durability and security. The Media P2 is available in North America.

Cisco TelePresence System Media P2 Feature Summary

Feature Summary

Design features

• Designed as a mobile multimedia and telepresence system primarily for educational applications
• Integrated Cisco TelePresence PrecisionHD- 720p Camera, Cisco TelePresence System Edge 95 MXP codec, and a 3200 Lumens DLP high-resolution projector
• HD camera mount allows rotation for both instructor and student views; retractable side shelf for PC or document camera; sturdy base with 4-inch locking wheels
• Integrated Cisco TelePresence Synch to allow collaboration with interactive whiteboards
• Integrated video, audio, and USB cables for connecting client PC and interactive whiteboard
• Integrated AC cable with cord wrap and secure storage for microphone and remote controls
• Mount and A/V input for personal media player

Application features

• Join up to four video sites and three audio sites with optional embedded Cisco TelePresence MultiSite (MultiSite) functions
• View presentations and presenter simultaneously with H.239 Dual Stream
• Share images of live video, PCs, DVD and VCR, document cameras, and other input devices

Performance features

• Highest level of embedded encryption as well as IEEE 802.1x and H.235 authentication for security
• Protection against network interruptions in point-to-point and multipoint calls with automatic downspeeding and Intelligent Packet Loss Recovery (IPLR)

Product Specifications



User interface

• Infrared Remote Control - Cisco TelePresence Remote Control 4 (Cisco TRC4)

Video camera

• Cisco TelePresence PrecisionHD Camera 720p 10x optical zoom


• Cisco TelePresence Synch

Physical dimensions (H x W x D)

Shipping Dimensions: 49"h x 32"w x 30"d

Height: 41" (53.5" camera extended maximum)

Width: 26.5" (40.5" laptop shelf extended)

Depth: 24.25"


Shipping Weight: 195 lbs

Unit weight: 140 lbs


10 A max

Temperature range

0 to 40 degrees C

Regulatory compliance

CAN/CSA C22.2 No.60950-1-07

UL60950-1 (2nd Ed)

FCC Part 15&2: 2009

A/V equipment

17"w x 13"d x 4"h available space

Additional product items

• Lockable equipment cover
• Integrated microphone, PC, and LAN cables for quick mobility
• Laptop shelf
• Table Microphone

Cisco TelePresence Codec

Cisco TelePresence System Edge 95 MXP (please see specific datasheet for technical aspects of codec)

Video and Audio Specifications



Bandwidth consumption

768k IP (up to 2 Mbps)

384k ISDN

Video standards

H.261, H.263, H.263+, H.264 (per Edge 95 codec)


3000 Lumens DLP High Resolution projector

Presentation specs

• Soft Presenter
• H.239 dual system
• PIP & POP Layouts


• Input 2 x Large XLR
• Compatible with AudioScience microphone

Audio Inputs

• 1 x 3.5mm audio input for PC
• 1x DVD/VCR Line Level

Video Inputs

• Main Camera
• 2 x Composite (Doc & DVD)
• 1 x VGA (PC)
• 1 x S Video (available on codec)

Video Outputs

• 1 x DVI-I to projector (XGA)
• 1 x Composite to DVD/VCR
• 1 x S Video (available on codec)
• 1 x Composite (available on codec)

Cisco TelePresence Expressway/Multisite

• 4 video + 3 audio
• Up to 2 M total bandwidth
• Transcoding & Rate-matching
• H.264
• Dual Stream (any site)
• Expressway compatible, including H.460

Network, Security, and Management Specifications



Network interface

• Ethernet
• 4 x BRI (not included with NET Port)
• Optional NET Port (V.35/RS449)


• AES & DES encryption
• H.235 authentication
• 802.1x authentication
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