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The Cisco TelePresence VCR MSE 8220 blade is an innovative, high-performance, chassis-based, IP videoconference recording, playback and streaming system. It is exceptionally easy to install and operate, with an intuitive and versatile management interface. Compatible with all major vendors' endpoints, it is ideal for corporate training, executive briefings, Web casts, news, distance learning, telemedicine and more.

Cisco TelePresence VCR MSE 8220 blade Feature Summary

Feature Summary

Design features

• Standards-based and compatible with all major vendors' endpoints
• Easy-to-use, versatile, management interface
• Up to 10 recording ports and 20 playback ports
• Enables up to 90 recording ports and 180 playback ports via single chassis
• Fully integrated, with built-in gatekeeper and streaming server
• Comprehensive wideband audio support
• H.239 dual video support
• Pay as you grow - buy the capacity you need now and upgrade in the future with a software license

Application features

• Record voice, video and content from standard videoconferencing equipment
• Stream live or play back the content on demand to any PC or videoconferencing endpoint
• Support for QuickTime™, RealPlayer™ and Windows Media Player™
• Offers full interoperability with ISDN networks using Cisco TelePresence ISDN Gateways
• Cisco TelePresence PacketSafe™ technology minimizes effects of network packet loss

Performance features

• Cisco TelePresence Universal Port™ technology ensures each participant gets an excellent experience
• Constant high capacity
• Bandwidth per site up to 2 Mbps
• Video resolutions from QCIF up to 720p
• Frame rate up to 30 fps
• Standard Definition Continuous Presence

Product Specifications



Video Standards

• H.261, H.263, H.263+, H.263++, H.264, MPEG-1


• From QCIF up to 720p

Frame Rates

• Up to 30 frames or 60 fields per second in all modes

Audio Standards

• G.711, G.722, G.723.1, G.728, G.729, MPEG-4 AAC-LC, MPEG-4 AAC-LD, Polycom® Siren14™/G.722.1 Annex C


• H.323 v4, SIP, H.239 (dual video), FTP, RTP, RTSP, HTTP, DHCP, SNMP, NTP


• From 128 kbps to 2 Mbps

Universal Transcoding and Transrating

• Video and audio are played back via H.323/SIP or streamed using a bandwidth and codec that can be different to the source
• The IP VCR will transcode and transrate as required
• All recordings are stored in native format with no loss of quality


• From an endpoint, MCU or gateway
• From two endpoints on a point to point call
• H.323/SIP dial in, or dial out from built-in web server
• Data from H.239 (dual video) capable endpoints
• Up to 200 recordings
• Folders for structured storage

Streaming Video

• Stream live or recorded content
• Slides presented alongside video
• Pause, rewind and fast-forward for recorded playback
• Embedded via web interface or standalone via URL
• Stream at multiple bandwidths
• Viewed using Windows Media Player™, RealPlayer™ or QuickTime™ Support for 3rd party streaming servers
• Unicast and multicast


• To endpoint, MCU or gateway
• Select using E.164 address, using auto attendant or dial out from web server
• Replay of data/slides using H.239 (dual video)
• Choose side-by-side or picture-in-picture (voice activated) layout for playback of point-to-point recordings
• Pause, rewind and fast forward using remote control
• Bandwidth/codec adjusted to match endpoint and network

Export Recordings

• Export in industry-standard MPEG-1 format
• Easily create CDs or DVDs

Import Video

• Upload industry standard MPEG-1 video presentations

Localization and Customization

• Custom IVR/auto attendant audio prompts and graphics
• Uploadable multi language support

Built-in Web Server

• Complete configuration, control and monitoring of the system and recordings

System Management

• Management via embedded Web server
• RS-232 for local control and diagnostics
• Syslog for diagnostics
• Configurable event logs and full H.323 and SIP decoding
• Configuration backup to network
• Secure upgrades through Ethernet or CompactFlash

Quality of Service

• Configurable DSCP or TOS/IP precedence

Network Resilience

• Cisco TelePresence Packet Safe™ technology provides intelligent downspeeding, packet pacing and packet loss concealment to ensure optimum video and audio quality
• Dynamic jitter buffering

Security Features

• Administrator, User and Guest passwords
• Password-protected streaming and content playback
• DTMF passwords for H.323 endpoints
• Secure non-PC hardware and operating system
• Video Firewall using second Ethernet port


• 2xRJ45 Ethernet, 10/100/1000 Mbps full/half duplex, manual or auto sensing
• RJ45 serial port
• CompactFlash socket
• 41 status LEDs

Software License

• VCR recording port licenses required in Cisco TelePresence MSE 8000 chassis to enable VCR recording ports

Environmental Data

• Operating temperature 0°C to 35°C ambient
• Relative humidity below 95% (non-condensing)

Chassis Physical Dimensions

• Height 33.25", 842 mm (19U)
• Width 17.2", 437 mm
• Depth 20.5", 520 mm
• 19" rack mountable (kit supplied)
• Power - 48 VDC, 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz
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