Confidea WCAP+ – Wireless Conference Access Point

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The Confidea Conference Access Point+ is the heart of Televics Wireless Confidea® system. For basic discussion and voting applications the access point can be used in a stand alone mode, acting as a central control unit.

The system uses the 2.4 and 5 GHz frequency range, provinding a large number of channels to guarantee a reliable wireless link at any time.

The access point has a built-in spectrum scanner that constantly monitors the various bands to detect interference sources and identify free frequencies. This way, the access point is able to automatically choose a "clean" frequency resulting in a reliable link.

A single access point has a range of 30m. This range is extendible adding additional access points.

Simply by browsing to the internal webserver, configuration and setup of the wireless system can be performed. Most common used web browsers are supported (IE, Firefox, Google Crome).

Another great advantage of the WCAP+ is the availability of analog input and output. So for basic systems, no additional central equipment is needed to connect the system to an external public address system or to add an external signal to the conference system.

Additionaly, it is possible to connect the access point to a video conferencing system by activating the distance conferencing (N-1) function preventing feedback.

Following the Televic family concept, the access point can be connected to any central control unit with the corresponding software suite.

In total, the Confidea® system can handle up to 40 translation channels and up to 8 open microphones.

Confidea® can also be used to temporarily or permanently expand an existing wired installation. By connecting the WCAP to the installed Televic central unit, a number of wireless units can be added creating a hybrid conference system.

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