LifeSize SoftPhone

LifeSize Softphone is a modern software client for professional and high quality video conferencing, offering HD recording and built-in MCU functions. Provided they have an appropriate PC, users receive excellent picture quality with moderate bandwidth usage. Standard webcams are supported, and LifeSize Softphone can be installed on Windows and Mac OSX platforms. The LifeSize Softphone is a useful supplement to classic room systems and allows individual mobile users to participate in video conferences. LifeSize Softphone is ideal for PC or Mac users who are looking for good quality full HD video. LifeSize Softphone allows video conferencing with up to three participants. Easy to operate, cost effective, high quality and compatible with the latest video communication equipment: LifeSize Softphone is an excellent solution for bringing visual communication to every desktop.

Features LifeSize Softphone
Performance 1080p @ 2 Mbps
Content Sharing H.239 data collaboration
Display Support Single device
Integrated Multipoint Embedded 3-party continuous presence video calls
Camera/Microphone Purchase separately. (Recommended: Logitech® HD Pro Webcam C920 and Logitech® ClearChat™ PC Wireless Headset)
Live Streaming/Recording Local call recording, playback and export
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