SCOPIA Desktop Video Conferencing

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With RADVISION’s PC based SCOPIA Desktop, you don’t need to go to “the conference room” to have a conference. SCOPIA Desktop easily extends your room system conferencing application to remote and desktop users for voice, video and data communications. Take conferencing “where you go” – instead of being told “where to go!”


SCOPIA Desktop Key Features

  • High Definition experience with H.264 720p for both video and data
  • Extreme network tolerance and error resiliency using H.264 SVC
  • Connectivity to any standards-based telephone, video conferencing system, or 3G mobile device
  • Simple meeting attendance by entering the conference ID
  • Microsoft Outlook and IBM Lotus Notes plug-in for easy meeting scheduling
  • Personal virtual rooms that provide an electronic location for a meeting
  • Virtual rooms can be hidden and locked for security or well known for easy access
  • Meeting participants and presentation data can be viewed simultaneously
  • Personal layout selection to change the focus between conference participants and data
  • H.239 room system-compatible data sharing with annotation
  • Text chat with emoticons for desktop users
  • Full meeting moderation capabilities
  • Conference waiting room – meeting will not start until the moderator joins
  • Consolidated conference roster (including desktops and room systems)
  • Integrated NAT and Firewall Traversal at no extra cost
  • Built-in streaming for simultaneous webcast of audio, video and data (Multicast or Unicast)
  • High Definition recording and playback (Optional)
  • Bandwidth management and centralized monitoring of calls

SCOPIA Desktop Pro Key Additional Features

  • Presence based Contact List with favorite users and rooms
  • Central, integrated directory
  • Call another user directly for point-to-point calls
  • Seamless escalation from point-to-point to multiparty calls
  • Virtual room configuration and personalization
  • User authentication with Microsoft Active Directory or IBM Lotus Domino
  • User and guest administrative policy and privilege controls

SCOPIA Desktop Product Specifications

Client Connectivity Modes

  • Live connection (Audio, Video, Data, Chat) for interactive participants
  • Desktop-to-desktop connection for point-to-point calls
  • Desktop-to-server connection for group meetings
  • Seamless escalation from point-to-point to multiparty calls
  • Data only connection with moderation capabilities, optional call back
  • Streaming mode for non-interactive participants

Standards and Interoperability

  • H.323 interoperability with SCOPIA
  • SIP for point to point calls
  • STUN for NAT traversal


  • SRTP encryption
  • Waiting room capability – Meeting will not start until moderator joins
  • Pre-defined virtual rooms – Mode where only pre-defined virtual rooms can be used
  • Call back can be disabled to avoid misuse
  • User authentication

Client Computer Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows® 2003, Windows® XP, Windows® Vista™, Windows® 7, Mac® OS X
  • Browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari
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